Winners 2008

Roland Levinsky

 The Roland Levinsky Building

Architect:   Building Design  Partnership, Bristol
Client:       University of Plymouth
Building Design Partnership

This building successfully meets its brief. It was finished on time and within budget. It makes a powerful statement linking the university to the city. It's interesting irregular forms, raw concrete, and exposed services work well and result in a relatively elegant solution.

The fit out and furniture are excellent, appropriate and considered. The roof-top café shows considerable respect for the students and their environment.

Students have ownership of this building, and the buildings flexible interior space inspires confidence that it will still work in 10 years time. The overall space is powerful, dynamic and well-detailed, doing its job and more. The use of raw concrete and exposed trunking is appropriate and reassuring, not only cheaper but infinitely preferable to the usual perforated suspended ceiling. Noise does not seem to be a problem.

Random rectangular windows frame views and work well within the open plan interior. The use of copper cladding is effective, but simple.

The jury were very impressed with the standard of design and quality of finish particularly given that this is a D&B project. Plymouth University, as well as the architect, deserve credit for achieving quality design, maintained consistently right through from the construction fabric to the building in use - including fixures, fittings and furniture.

This quality of building is something Plymouth University appears to have achieved across the board in their recently commissioned buildings. A great place to be a student - an example to other universities.


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