Sandcastle Competition

A Grand Day Out - Sandcastle Competition 2011

On 3 September 2011, RIBA, North Somerset Council and Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal brought the Sandcastle Competition 2011 to the beach at Weston-super-Mare. 16 teams took part - including many members of the public and a naval architect (see if you can spot the project).

The sand sculptures were judged by architect George Ferguson CBE, Grand Pier co. owner Michelle Michael and RSAW President Pierre Wassenaar, with the daytrippers and holiday-makers of Weston-super-Mare making their own choice in the People's Choice Award.

Winners are below and more images can be seen on our Facebook page.

Best Overall

Best Overall Balls

Sandtastic Seven

 Image: Jon Hook

People's Choice Winner


Robin and Katie Boulby

 Image: Jon Hook

Most Technically Daring

Most Technically Daring

'New York'
NOMA Architects, Bristol

 Image: Jon Hook


Best Traditional Castle

Best Traditional Castle

A judges perogative award for The Sandcastle People

 Image: Jon Hook

Local Hero's Took Part

Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit entertain our younger fans

 Image: Jon Hook

Tallest Structure


Oliver, Jacob and Tilly Taylor

 Image: Jon Hook


Prize Time

Prizes One

Michelle Micheal of the Grand Pier awards the Taylors.

  Image: Jon Hook

More Prizes..

George Ferguson CBE and RSAW President Pierre Wassenaar swap megephones whilst making awards. Image: Jon Hook

And Even More Prizes.


Best Overall Award is received by the Sandtastic Seven.

 Image: Jon Hook

This event featured as part of the Weston-super-Mare Sand Sculpture Festival 2011

Supported by:

Travis Perkins              Grand Appeal


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