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2014 City CPD Club Programme

Why eco-refurbishment?
The case for improving our housing stock
26 February – Salisbury
5 June - Truro

Refurbishing our existing housing stock to be more energy and carbon efficient is a challenging task as cost, finance, disruption and trust in the supply chain are often barriers to implementing measures. Domestic energy usage accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK. With average household energy bills continuing to increase, fuel poverty could affect one in three homes by 2016.

This session will aim to:

  • Review the policy environment for eco-refurbishment
  • Explain how the financial mechanisms work to facilitate and finance eco-refurbishment - Green Deal, Energy Company Obligation (ECO), Feed in Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive and Green Investment Bank
  • Describe the latest current developments and opportunities for work in this area.

Speaker:  Thomas Store, Energy Saving Trust
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Climate, Designing and building it, Where people live

RIBA Plan of Work 2013: making it work for your practice
6 March  – Truro
23 April  - Salisbury

The RIBA Plan of Work is the generic process map for any design and construction project and has been used by the construction industry, design teams and clients around the world for over 50 years. It has evolved over that time and the new version (launched May 2013) is a significant change with new work stages and tasks reflecting the wide variety of current procurement procedures, regulatory frameworks, working practices and technologies, including BIM and sustainable design.

This seminar will:

  • Explain the concepts and aims of the new RIBA Plan of Work 2013
  • Outline the content and purpose of each of the new stages and tasks
  • Show how to best use and adapt it for different projects, clients and services
  • Help improve the way you organise your services
  • Give tips on how to present and promote your services to clients and design team colleagues
  • Describe how to manage change and get paid across the work stages
  • Provide feedback and examples from the construction industry.

Speaker: Richard Brindley, Royal Institute of British Architects
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: External, management, Internal management, Procurement and contracts


Creative use of Part L 2013 in the development of building design
26 February - Salisbury
6 March - Truro

Energy consumption and conservation are now the most important aspects of the built environment. The seminar will cover the changes to Part L requirements and where they come from. It will explain what those changes mean for designers, where and when they apply, and how to use the requirements to their own advantage whilst retaining maximum creativity in their design.

It will provide the delegates with:

• An understanding of the changes to Part L and guidance to ensure compliance

• A toolbox of items to assist designers

• A practical case study to highlight how the changes will work in practice.

Speaker: Martin Conlon, Assent Building Control
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Compliance, Climate, Designing and building 

Conservation Workshop - The fabric performance of historic buildings pre and post refurbishment
17 September - Salisbury
25 September  –Truro

It is estimated that there are six million solid wall traditional buildings, making up 23% of the UK housing stock. Appropriate improvements to the energy performance of these will form an important element to increasing energy efficiency and sustainability. Currently much refurbishment practice is based on modelled assumptions of building performance.

However, how appropriate are these assumptions with regard to older, solid wall properties that make up much of our historic building stock? Using data measured from a variety of real historic building refurbishment projects, this seminar will look at performance both before and after refurbishment, using the information to judge both the risks and opportunities associated with retrofitting older buildings to improve their energy efficiency.

Speaker: Caroline Rye, Archimetrics
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Context, Climate, Designing and building it

The forecast for planning: clear blue sky or foggy days ahead?
6 March  – Truro
23 April - Salisbury

The speaker will give an overview of key changes in planning since 2010 including:

• Review the effect of the NPPF and localism on the delivery of housing, commercial development and infrastructure

• Provide an update on the impact, or otherwise, resulting from changes to permitted development rights, use classes order and historic buildings legislation

• Give a clearer understanding of changes in town planning so that delegates can give better advice to clients and gain a better appreciation of opportunities for securing planning permission

• Make reference to issues and schemes of direct local relevance.

This session will be complemented by a representative from the Local Authority at each venue. In Truro, Andrew England, Assistant Head of Planning in Regeneration at Cornwall Council, will provide an update on the progress and impact of Neighbourhood Planning, the Cornwall Local Plan and associated documents and also an overview of major development proposals in Cornwall whilst Mike Wilmott, Head of Central, Conservation, Minerals and Waste and Enforcement will give an update for Wiltshire.

Speaker: Lestyn John, Bell Cornwell LLP, Town Planning Consultants
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Where people live, Compliance

Harnessing the communication power of the media
5 June - Truro
12 November - Salisbury

We are all consumers of media messages constantly bombarding us in obvious and subtle ways. These messages often come through news articles, online and on TV and radio. If you have wondered how you can make use of traditional and new media platforms to engage with your current and potential clients, then this session aims to enlighten you.

Many of us fear an approach from journalists without even considering the great opportunities, so we will take a look at answering difficult questions and explore strategies to deal with crisis communications. We will also hear how optimising your voice can boost that communication in the media and everyday business environment.

Speaker: Matthew Clarke, Kernow Pods
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Internal management, External management


Adjudication:  making it work for you - an insider's view
23 April –Salisbury
27 November - Truro

This session will give a comprehensive overview of adjudication including:

• History of construction litigation/ arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Emerging legal constraints

• How can you make adjudication work for you?

• Adjudication basics such as statutory and contractual adjudication, rules and process

• Sequence pitfalls (compliance with instructions)

• What to do to defend an adjudication

• How to mount an adjudication

• Silly mistakes to avoid

• The 70% rule

• Typical formats of notice of adjudication and referral

• Tactics, dirty tricks and what not to say!

• Enforceability and challenging adjudicators’ decisions.

This seminar will also integrate a workshop demonstrating a simple adjudication, as well as a Q&A session.

Speaker: David Burley, David Burley Architects
CPD Core Curriculum Topic : Internal Management

How to create better neighbourhoods with Building for Life 12
26 February - Salisbury
5 June - Truro

The speaker will give an overview of place making since the end of the ‘90s and an update on the current policy context - NPPF, NPPG, Farrell Review and Housing Design Guidance (HCA). He will describe what Building for Life 12 (BfL12) is about and:

• Explain how it can contribute to improving the quality of housing design and place making and achieving the "signs of a good place to live"

• Place BfL in the context of the tools that can, and should be used, to create the thriving communities of the future

• Equip attendees with the knowledge of the importance of BfL12 and when to use it to best effect

• Honestly appraise the potential of BfL12, including its shortcomings

Speakers: Dominic Murphy, Creating Excellence
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Where people live, Building and designing it

National Standards for Housing - a good idea or the end of innovation?
12 November - Salisbury
27 November - Truro

The Housing Standards review consultation by DCLG at the end of 2013 aimed to rationalise the framework of building regulations and local housing standards, with a consideration to integrate standards into building regulations, immediately or in the longer term.

This seminar will explore the outcomes of the consultation and the implemented standards with regard to accessibility and examine the following:

• Should the default level be Lifetime Homes?

• How will wheelchair housing needs be met if local authorities can ‘opt out’?

• How are the new standards being regulated and enforced?

• What are the longer term cost benefits of flexible and accessible housing, as opposed to the short term costs savings outlined in the review and consultation?

• How do the space standards relate to accessibility?

• What about the needs of people with cognitive impairments such as dementia?
Speaker: Karen Ross, Access and Inclusive Design Consultant
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Access for all, Compliance


CDM for architects - practice procedures and competence
12 November - Salisbury
27 November - Truro

The CDM Regulations were introduced to encourage the construction team to eliminate and reduce risks from the very outset of a project. The architectural fraternity is challenged with considering the health and safety implications likely to be associated with their design and take action to minimise foreseeable risks to those who must build, use and maintain a structure.

This seminar will provide architects with a clear, unambiguous method of both addressing their statutory duties under CDM 2007 within the practice, and embracing the opportunities to contribute to health and safety through design. It will also ask how far architects need to go in reducing risk and eliminating hazards, given the other considerations an architect needs to manage, such as planning, aesthetics, budgets etc. Finally, we will discuss the latest status on the proposed new CDM Regulations that may be introduced as early as 2014.

Speaker: Owen Griffiths, Total CDM Solutions
CPD Core Curriculum Topic: Being safe, Compliance, Designing and Building it

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