Ecology - Opportunity or Risk

15 July 2010

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, Bath


This seminar will aim to provide a good understanding of risks and opportunities in relation to ecology and explain what ecology is and why architects need to know about it, especially in view of the growing demand by Local Planning Authorities that wildlife issues be sufficiently dealt with prior to planning. Topics covered will include:

Ecology and architects – an introduction: The basics of what ecology is, how it relates to environment, what it covers and why it is important to architects, the opportunities that wildlife enhancement can provide for architects and developers.

Ecology and the law: What does the law state with regards to ecological consideration? What does it actually mean? Examples of good and bad practice and consequences for breaking the law.

CSH/BREEAM and ecology: The growing opportunity in this area, the current and future regulations and how ecology can enable these regulations to be met and what the cost implications are, coming change to Code 4 for new builds, including how ecological credits are easy and cheap to obtain.

County ecologists – requirements and expectation: The role of County ecologists and why it is imperative to get them on-side as early as possible, the role of ecological consultants.

Mitigating ecological risk: Investigating the building and development process and illustrate what potential ecological risks there are at each stage and offer advice on managing and mitigating that risk.

Speakers: Dr Tim Hounsome

is the Managing Director of Biocensus, an ecological consultancy company specialising in consultancy, research and training. For a number of years Biocensus has been running a series of highly respected one day courses on aspects of ecology for industry professionals. Tim has been a professional ecologist for over 13 years, gaining a BSc, an MRes and a PhD in the subject, and has extensive experience in the subject. As an active consultant, Tim has a thorough and up to date understanding of ecological issues that occur during the planning and building processes, including legal restraints and ecological aspects of BREEAM and CSH.

CPD record:

3 hours of formal CPD

CPD: Construction Skills; Statutory Requirements, Professional Context; Sustainable Architecture


Fees (including VAT at 17.5%):

Early Bird Saver:

Book & Pay by 14/05/10 (Exeter) 02/07/10 (Bath) £65.63 (RIBA) Incl. £1 ABS donation £76.38 (other)

Bookings after deadlines above £83.25 (RIBA) Incl. £1 ABS donation £94.00 (other)


Michelle Taylor
0844 800 2767


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