Zero Carbon Housing

11 May 2010

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


The Guildhall, Bath


Zero carbon is the buzz word for the future of low energy housing in the UK. But what does it mean? What are zero carbon homes like? What effect will these initiatives have on your designs?

John Willoughby will talk about the latest regulatory proposals and the effect on housing developments. He will describe how it is possible to reduce the energy required in a building whilst providing a good quality internal environment. Practically every design decision affects the energy consumption of a building - from shape, orientation and insulation at one end to the design of the heating system and the artificial lighting at the other. Often the design team needs expert guidance to help them achieve an energy efficient design. John will show how computer-aided tools can enable architects and engineers evaluate the issues involved in the energy efficient design of buildings and what is required to meet the new standards.

Delegates are asked to bring laptops so that energy modelling software can be loaded on them for use in the workshop. Not everyone needs to bring a laptop as the workshops will be run with three or four delegates per computer. Your regional coordinator will contact you to make suitable arrangements.

Speaker: John Willoughby studied at Bath and Nottingham Universities before he became a lecturer at Cheltenham School of Architecture. He went on to become part-time Energy and Building Services manager at Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education. This involved looking after their mechanical and electrical services and their £½ million fuel bill. He has run an Energy and Environmental Design consultancy for over thirty years. On the housing front, John has been involved in the design of some of the most innovative schemes in recent years. These include superglazed houses in Milton Keynes, the trail blazing Eco-Lite houses in Liverpool and the first UK roof space solar collector. He was co-author of two Energy Efficiency Best Practice housing publications reporting on 'Ultra Low Energy Houses in the UK'. These were followed by a report on 'Extreme Refurbishment'.

He has also been involved in developing the Best Practice standards for new housing in the UK.

CPD record:
3 hours of formal CPD

CPD: Construction Skills; Technical Innovation, Professional Context; Sustainable Architecture


Fees (including VAT at 17.5%):

Early Bird Saver:

Book & Pay by 30/04/10 £65.63 (RIBA) Incl. £1 ABS donation £76.38 (other)

Bookings after deadlines above £83.25 (RIBA) Incl. £1 ABS donation £94.00 (other)


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