Selling professional services: a new approach

09 October 2012

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Fisherton Mill, Salisbury SP2 7QY


followed by a visit of Old Sarum Primary School at 4.30pm - guided by Wiltshire Project Manager Peter Smith and refreshments at The Old Castle.

In recent times the business landscape has altered beyond all recognition, and yet in one key area very little appears to have changed. Selling is still being taught with methods that were developed decades ago, with inappropriate techniques that are hard to learn, embarrassing to deliver and increasingly obvious to our clients.

In this talk, our speaker Terry Mullins will look at our relationship to selling and examine why it can seem so difficult to proactively sell professional services. You will be introduced to two of the principal tools from Terry’s ‘Freedom to Sell’ coaching programme and shown how, by simply applying these two principles, you will increase sales. The ‘Freedom to Sell’ programme is not personality based and is not a technique, but instead it looks at the three aspects of selling that make it seem particularly difficult for many professionals:

  • The reluctance to be seen to be ‘selling’
  • Our issues concerning money
  • The way we deal with rejection.

    Because it is about how we interact with clients and maintain what the speaker calls ‘the ongoing conversation’, the talk will be helpful to anyone who has direct contact with clients irrespective of the size of their company/practice. Terry will show you how simple the sales process can be and how even the most reluctant salesperson can create the “freedom to sell” effectively and with ease. The approach is unique and has never failed to deliver positive measurable results for clients.

    Speaker: Terry Mullins is a sales trainer, consultant and creator of The Reluctant Salesman sales method; an approach to selling designed for people who don't see themselves as 'natural' salespeople and resist the idea of any form of technique based selling. He specialises in working with professional service providers and has recently worked with four architectural practices and three design companies as well as a number of IFA’s and a legal firm.

    RIBA Core Curriculum topic: Internal Management


• RIBA/CIAT members - £55 + VAT (£66) • Others - £80 + VAT (£96)
• RIBA Student member - £15 + VAT (£18) 
• City CPD Club members (one place included in the club ticket:


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