Ecology of Colour

Ecology of Colour


Architect: Studio Weave
Client: Artlands
Structural Engineers: Structure Workshop
Services Engineers: Nous Vous
Photograph: © Jim Stephenson
Copyright: Jim Stephenson

This is a timber house in the woods, on an island, in a park, serving a community arts project. It is a building stripped right back to the basics, with no glass, electricity, water supply or drainage. Its entire outer surface of cedar planks, walls and roof is decorated with geometrical patterning reminiscent of Eastern European or Native American folk decoration. The building has a ten year life, during which time the cedar will silver and the vegetable dyes will fade like old painted adverts on city walls.

The building’s simplicity belies a rigorous subtlety of detail, exhibiting great conceptual clarity. Parts of the walls swing open or fold down as shutters, and the entire gable end opens to the river and the trees.


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