Experimental Station

Experimental Station


Architect: The Johnson Naylor Partnership/51% Studios
Client: The Johnson Naylor Partnership Photographed: Peter MarlowCopyright: Peter Marlow

Dungeness is a special place, its desolation counterpointed by the picturesqueness of its inhabitation, a mix of weirdly isolated geometrical monuments and highly individualistic DIY bric a brac. Amongst this everyday untidiness are a number of near-perfect architectural pieces, and the latest of them is this assemblage of muted, driftwood-grey boxes on the site of, and incorporating bits of, an old Trinity House Experimental Station.

The station's various structures form homes and studios for its three owners. The three most recently built, the subject of this award, are a group at the entrance to the fenced-off shingle site: a house and a studio (both new-build) and a guest-house/library that incorporates parts of the earlier structure. Everything knows its place and the buildings are weathering beautifully.


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