Les Beaucamps High School, Guernsey

Les Beaucamps High School


Architect: Design Engine Architects Ltd Client: Guernsey State Education Department
Contractor: RG Falla Limited
Photographer: Edmund Sumner
Copyright: Edmund Sumner

The architects have taken a difficult design challenge: a school on a site with a twelve metre change of level, and have crafted a complex yet coherent architectural whole.

The client here played a crucial role: they knew exactly what they wanted, in terms of facilities and the interconnections between them.

The exterior of the building adopts a neutral palette, browny brick and dark zinc roofs and chimneys. The effect is to dissolve a quite large building when seen from a distance. Closer to it unfolds as a carefully choreographed architectural experience wherein the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. It is a building to be experienced rather than looked at, providing an exemplar for school procurement and provision that puts most current UK practice to shame.


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