Spitbank Fort

Spitbank Fort


Architect: PLC Architects
Client: Clarenco
Contractor: Newman Scott Ltd
Photographer: Clarenco
Copyright: Clarenco

It is easy to imagine the isolation, charm and unique presence that a mid 19th century brick fort in the middle of the Solent will offer a visitor. But to take on the restoration of such a brutally exposed structure and to foresee and then pursue the business case that will bring a neglected scheduled ancient monument back to life, must have required enormous perseverance, with the very real risk of failure.

Key to the conversion of an historic structure and with six foot thick walls and no services, was the decision to install all the major services through a crawl-way and a series of shell hoist shafts. This avoids any disruption to the beautiful double-curved brick vaulted ceilings.


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