St Alphege Learning Centre, Winchester University

St Alphege Learning Centre Winchester University


Architect: Design Engine Architects Ltd
Client: University of Winchester Estates Department
Contractor: Geoffrey Osborne Ltd 
Photographer: Nick Kane
Copyright: Nick Kane

The University has pursued its masterplan with commitment and vigour in commissioning this new teaching building which straddles an east-west route to and from the new teaching spaces. In doing so it gives new life to a tired old block that now forms the north side of the building.

By building over the roof of the old block the new building connects laterally at high level via two bridges to a higher terrace on the north side. It also creates a wall to the distant views into the site across open landscape from the south. This elevation is layered in a filigree drape of sheltering timber louvres that suggests both a sense of the big scale and a richness of detail.


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