Waingels College, Woodley

Waingels College


Architect: Sheppard Robson
Client: Wokingham Borough Council
Contractor: Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd 
Photographer: Hufton + Crow
Copyright: Hufton + Crow

Where once sat a tired warren of rooms comprising the principal school building, a revitalized Waingels College now has a magnificent new courtyard at its centre, framed by four new buildings that together create a lively outdoor campus environment. The revitalised school is the product of an excellent briefing and consultation process, and a triumphant phasing exercise that kept the school open throughout, as the building occupying its centre was finally removed to create the outdoor hub.

The new buildings and courtyard are an excellent model of sustainable design with much of the circulation outside and most internal routes doubling as teaching spaces.  This is one BSF Pathfinder project that might well have set out a path worth following. 


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