The Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson

 Scheme name: The Royal Armouries
 Museum at Fort Nelson
 Practice: Pringle Richards Sharratt
 Client: The Royal Armouries
 Photographer: Edmund Sumner

Fort Nelson is essentially a glorified but glorious lean-to against the massive fortifications that make up this Victorian gun fort overlooking Portsmouth Harbour. Beautifully designed by Pringle Richards Sharratt , the timber structure is almost an exhibit in itself. But there is steel enough in the exhibits: this is home to the Royal Armouries’ national collection of historic artillery. The design involved turning the museum on its head by creating an entrance across an existing draw bridge. The adjoining new visitor facility provides, for the first time, an adequate shop and refreshment area for the growing number of visitors.


Winner of RIBA Regional Conservation Award