Special Interest Groups

RIBA South/South East's Special Interest Groups:

  • are forums for experts and for those wishing to learn more
  • keep the regional office informed about issues of concern in their specialist areas
  • provide insights and advice when needed
  • in their specialist fields, guide and shape the region's activities such as awards and conferences.

Planning Group
Chair - Paul Bulkeley, Snug Projects

The Planning Group guides the region's response to planning issues. It recently provided themes and direction to conferences in Oxford and Winchester on the emerging opportunities offered by localism.

Conservation Groups


South Conservation Group Chair - Richard Ashby, Richard Ashby Associates
South East Conservation Group Chair - Stuart Page, Stuart Page Architects.

The region's two Conservation Groups brief the regional office on emerging issues and provide networking opportunities. Between them the two Groups cover the region.

South Conservation Group member Andrew Plumridge has advice for those working with buildings and protected species.

Green Group
Chair - Isabel Carmona, CA Sustainable Architecture


The Green Group is a sounding-board for the regional office on sustainability and a source of information and advice on avoiding 'greenwash'.

For more information about the South/South East Special Interest Groups, please contact RIBA South/South East.
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