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Student mentoring

Since it began, the RIBA South/South East's mentoring scheme has matched thousands of students with hundreds of local architects in practices of all sizes.

University of Portsmouth - Mentoring Scheme

Students meet their mentor at the University of Portsmouth at the beginning of the final year of their Part 1 course.

The purpose of mentoring is an introduction to 'real life' for third-year Part 1 students. Most of them appreciate the experience very much. The mentoring architects find that the students' perspective is refreshing and often rewarding.

Students are usually mentored in pairs. Following an initial social gathering at the school of architecture, the architects and their mentored students are required to have two or three meetings, at least one of which must be in the architects' offices. At the meetings, architects and students cover:

  • an introduction to office life
  • a case study of a recent successful project
  • a current project that the student follows through.

RIBA South/South East matches students with mentoring architects, provides guidelines for architects and students and supplies a straightforward log sheet to be completed by the student and signed by the mentoring architect.

The formal relationship between mentoring architects and their students may last for one or two terms, depending on the school. Informal links and opportunities may of course continue after participation in the mentoring scheme has ended.

If you are an RIBA Member who is interested in mentoring students in Brighton, Canterbury, Oxford or Portsmouth please contact us.


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