Fire safety Aylesbury

17 July 2013

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM




Fire safety legislation in England and Wales is pretty straightforward. Newly constructed, altered or extended buildings should achieve the minimum construction standards as cited in the building regulations. All occupied properties, with the exception of our homes, must be risk assessed by a competent person to ensure that safe means of escape can be facilitated from the property. This latter obligation is required by the regulatory reform (fire safety) order.

Guidance to achieve compliance with the legislation can be terribly confusing to designers and risk assessors. Designers have become slaves to approved document compliance. Risk assessors are continually frustrated as the standards do not allow common sense decisions to be made.

In recent years fire safety guidance has been developed that allows both these groups to work together to allow greater design flexibility and economy in construction. It allows for sensible business decisions to be made around common sense management decisions by the building owners/users.

By way of example, a traditional office can be designed to allow for two directional acceptable travel distances of up to 90m instead of the traditional 45m. This allows for cheaper construction, more flexible commercial areas, probably adopting no additional design features and allowing no more than a better than average management strategy in the occupied building.

The course will show designers how this can be achieved and will equip them, involving their clients and advisors to facilitate such solutions. The course will take about 2.5 hours. Understanding will be enhanced by increasing your understanding on how to predict fire load easily and predict human behaviour. Video examples will be used which are entertaining but hold very real strong messages about human behaviour. Case studies and examples will then be built upon to demonstrate how designers can increase the value they can provide to their clients.


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