Trees Legal and planning update 2013 Guildford

04 July 2013

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


GLIVE, Guildford


In 2012, new regulations came into force affecting how tree preservation orders are applied in England. Understanding these updated protection rules is important for all those involved in urban planning to ensure that the law is not inadvertently broken and projects are not unduly delayed through unexpected legal complications. Dave and Phil will review the legal protection of trees by tree preservation orders and conservation areas, and the impact that these new regulations are likely to have in the design and planning process.

Architects involved in development sites with trees will know that they are becoming an increasingly important material consideration in planning applications and failure to properly consider them can result in serious project delays. BS 5837 (2012) Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations was published in April 2012 and has implications for all projects with trees. Dave and Phil will step through the changes that may affect designers and will offer case study examples to illustrate how potential obstacles can be overcome.

Further exploring the development theme, as building opportunities become scarcer, constructing closer to trees is inevitable and can pose a significant constraint on maximising site value.  It is possible for trees and structures to co-exist in close proximity, but convincing often pessimistic planners relies on having case studies to illustrate what can be achieved with modern techniques.  Dave and Phil will finish by referencing a number of our high-profile projects to explore just what the potential is for retrofitting trees into highly urbanised areas, and incorporating existing and new trees into new high density developments.


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