Michael Baker Boathouse,Worcester

Michael Baker Boathouse


Michael Baker Boathouse
Architect: Associated Architects
Client: King's School
Photographer: Martine Hamilton Knight

The building, housing a workshop and teaching, community and exercise facilities as well as boats, grows out of an existing old brick boundary wall, using new double-length bricks in a matching colour and texture selected to reflect the elongated form of the building. Above this solid ground floor floats a light-weight structure containing the large exercise room.  Its form, reminiscent of a boat’s hull, cantilevers above the path at the river’s edge. This upper storey, clad in narrow sweet chestnut laths, is very well detailed and made.

Inside light is reflected off the shiny resin floor to give the reflective effect of rippling water like the river below. With its Passivhaus construction, biomass boiler and solar thermal panels, the building approaches an impressive zero carbon standard.

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