Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry

Sidney Stringer Academy


Sidney Stringer Academy
Architect: Sheppard Robson
Client:  Sidney Stringer Academy    
Photographer: Andy Spain

The new academy building, built on the tennis courts of the former school, forms the protected boundary to the site, making it more a part of the local community who are welcomed and encouraged to use the sports hall, the performance space, the library and classrooms, which they do seven days a week, often until 10.00 in the evening. 

The large entrance reception area moves into a break-out area adjacent to the performance space with informal stepped seating taking up the change in level to the cafeteria. This connects to an external eating area overlooking the playground.

The principal claims the new building has improved behaviour that it is no longer necessary to send the pupils outside at break times. GSCE results are better too. 

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