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BAApp: Walking Architecture is a searchable archive of buildings and tours from across Birmingham including historic, contemporary or conceptual architecture.

With the app you can:

  • browse a library of regularly updated Birmingham buildings, containing a brief summary, architects, build date, materials, use and other useful facts
  • find out about Birmingham buildings as you are walking the city
  • use our regularly updated walking tours of Birmingham.

The Birmingham Walking Architecture BAApp is brought to you by the Birmingham Architectural Association (BAA), in conjunction with RIBA West Midlands and the Birmingham & Five Counties Architectural Association.

The Walking Architecture Birmingham app is free to download via the Apple App Store, and is currently available for iPhone. An android version will be launched soon. You can also visit the Walking Architecture website, and vote for the BAApp Walking Architecture app in a Mobile Apps in the Built Environment competition.

We are always open to suggestions about how to develop the app further and welcome your ideas on new tours or buildings, as well as any other partnership opportunities. 

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