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RIBA Yorkshire Core CPD Programme 2014

2014 will be the third year that RIBA has developed a national programme of CPD. There are ten different seminars covering subjects in all ten RIBA Core Curriculum areas. They are repeated in 14 different venues across England and Wales. All are welcome and you can attend any of the seminars throughout the year at any of the venues and pay as you book.

In Yorkshire events will take place in Leeds on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm - 4.30pm, with registration and refreshments available from 1.30pm.

We hope that this flexible approach will give you more opportunity to build your professional competence and develop your personal skills.

The 2014 CPD brochure is available for download: 2014 Core CPD brochure

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To book individual seminars, you can use the links underneath each event listing on this page to either book online or download the relevant seminar flyer to complete and return by email or post.

2014 Programme

Wednesday 22 January - Integrating building services in historic buildings: developing harmony or creating contradiction 

This seminar will describe how to approach the integration of modern building facilities and services in historic buildings. It will analyse the possible strategies and constraints that apply, highlighting what is important whilst considering major factors such as artefacts, buildings and people. The comprehensive analysis will specify the essential items to consider for your project.

Speaker: Alex Baines, Head of Sustainability and Building Physics, CBG Consultants

More information and online booking



Wednesday 5 March - Changes and challenges for Building Regulations

As part of its role of ensuring Building Regulations remain effective and up to date, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) set out deregulatory changes for England, starting in 2013 and continuing in 2014.

This seminar will look at providing architects, contractors and consultants with a detailed understanding of how the Building Regulations are changing and the effects of the revised energy efficiency requirements

Please note that this seminar is not at our usual venue. It will be held just down the road at Queens Square House, Leeds Metropolitan University, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NU

Speaker: Stephen Barnshaw

More information and online booking



Wednesday 2 April - Design intent to reality: closing the building performance gap

The building performance gap – or credibility gap – between design intent and reality presents a major barrier to the delivery of successful, sustainable and usable buildings. Evidence suggests that buildings frequently do not perform as intended and it is not unusual for the gap between actual energy use of a building to be two or three times larger than that predicted at the design stage.

But what causes this performance gap? What can we do about it? And does it matter anyway? This seminar will unpick the varying factors that combine to make a building perform better, worse or differently than anticipated at the design stage. In addition to identifying the main reasons for the performance gap, the speakers will describe what architects and the construction industry can do to narrow it.

Speakers: Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass

More information and online booking



Wednesday 21 May - Sustainable design + low carbon technologies = what do architects need to know?

Why do some renewables not perform as well as they should? Why is biomass often a bad idea and why don't most renewables make sense unless in a building with a highly-performing fabric? Why can incentives such as Feed in Tariffs (FIT) act as perverse incentives? Why is energy efficiency 'the first renewable' and why should we not waste even 'clean' energy?

This seminar, applied to the architect’s day-to day practice, will discuss the above questions, dispel myths and look at the fundamental issues in relation to the specifying of low carbon and renewable technologies as part of a sustainable design strategy.

Speaker: Sofie Pelsmakers

More information and online booking



Wednesday 18 June - Leading the team with the RIBA Plan of Work 2013

The first major evolutionary examination of the RIBA Plan of Work was concluded with the launch of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. It is rich in subjects related to current trends including project outcomes and BIM, and provides new takes on subjects such as briefing, health and safety, whole life costing and sustainability.

This seminar will describe how the Plan facilitates greater consideration of these themes. It will set out how to effectively generate and use practice or project documents for different types and sizes of projects and will to demonstrate how the tools developed in parallel can be harnessed to make your projects more efficient.

Speaker: Dale Sinclair

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Wednesday 16 July - Asbestos and other nasty surprises

Even the best designed project can come 'unstuck' by the discovery of asbestos, damp rot or other nasty surprises. In this seminar, learn how to avoid disruption to your project and stay safe – plus how to minimise expensive liabilities should it all go wrong.

Speakers: Emma Davies and Edward Colclough

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Wednesday 17 September - Managing client expectations: the architect's liability and the management of risk

This seminar will address the challenge of meeting clients' expectations and the mechanisms through which the architect is able to manage their liability. It will explore the obligations and rights of the architect and the client as defined within the terms of engagement.

The speaker will define and clarify the duties and liabilities of the architect in the execution of their responsibilities and obligations to the client. He will review the principal instruments of contract administration that govern the management of delay and include: notices, claims and early warnings, applications for and adjudication upon extensions of time, loss and expense, liquidated and ascertained damages and their application, delay mitigation, acceleration and time at large.

Speaker: Dyfed Griffiths

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Wednesday 8 October - Accessible housing: what makes good practice?

Due largely to medical advances, better diet and living conditions, and changing attitudes to disability and ageing, we are working and living longer. This session will take a fresh look at why accessibility is such an important issue and the key role that designers play in ensuring that new homes are fit for purpose, now and over the long term. 

This session will aim to:

  • raise awareness of the demographic need for new housing
  • explain why we must design for a range of different needs
  • understand the relationship between space and accessibility
  • provide a clear interpretation of current accessibility standards
  • share examples of good design and innovative tested solutions
  • pass on tips for compliance.

Speaker: Julia Park, Levitt Bernstein

More information and online booking



Wednesday 05 November - CDM Regulations: tools and expert advice for architects and designers

As an architect or designer, are you asked to go beyond your role with regard to the inclusion of health, safety and buildability into your projects? Are you required to complete large risk assessment databases covering all risks for clients and CDM-C's which have no apparent purpose or relevance to practicing architects or contractors or the project? Does the CDM-C on your project simply request your risk assessments and then tells you that they are unacceptable because you have only put control measures and not eliminated hazards and risks at source?

This seminar will give delegates added confidence and the tools to provide proportionate and practicable CDM information.

Speaker: Paul Bussey

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Wednesday 3 December - Clear communication: how to get your message across

Clear, concise, user-friendly communication is vital to successful business and project outcomes. Never more so when the going gets tough and people are not seeing eye to eye. Whether you are talking to clients, contractors, other consultants, the wider design team or planners, when lack of clarity raises its head and the heat gets turned up, you need a powerful set of transformative skills to get the conversation back on track to achieve the results you need.

In this engaging, hands-on workshop you will identify and explore how hugely influential non-verbal communication is in all of your professional interactions, for better or worse. You will learn to access a powerful resource state to remain calm and focused when under pressure, while recognising and adapting to key behaviours others use to positively influence your audience and win them over.

Speaker: Richard Fallon 

More information and online booking


Venue for all Leeds events (except 05 March 2014)

Humanities Building
Broadcasting Place
Leeds Metropolitan University                                                                             Woodhouse Lane
Leeds LS2 9EN


You can book for any of the events by downloading the relevant flyer and emailing it to or sending it to

RIBA Yorkshire
The Studio
32 The Calls
Leeds LS2 7EW

You can also book by calling 0113 3899870

A minimum of ten working days' notice should be given for any cancellations. Substitutions are permitted at any time.

If you have any queries, please call Rachel Hunnybun on 0113 3899870 or email


CPD Club members: one place included in the club ticket
RIBA/CIAT members: £59 + VAT (£70.80)
RIBA student members: £15 + VAT (£18)
Others: £85 + VAT (£102)

The CPD Club brings down the cost of attending the events and offers additional benefits. For more information on the CPD Club go to the CPD Club page or email


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