Denis Mason Jones

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DMJ-Corn Exchange-Leeds

Sketch of the interior of Leeds Corn Exchange, 1983, Denis Mason Jones

Denis Mason Jones was a distinguished Leeds architect. Throughout his adult life Denis kept meticulous notebooks, filled with sketches of buildings, family activities, holidays, cartoons and stories for his four children, all in his very distinctive style.

In an exhibition of his drawings in 1984 at the RIBA in London, Denis explained that these sketches 'make no pretence to Art with a big A, but attempt to show the enjoyment of always having a sketchbook handy in which to catch a mood or subject. They show the pleasure of doodling whilst relaxing in a café with a drink or coffee and, sometimes, of making a travel story to send home to my family'.

He asked the viewer to 'share some of the enjoyment that architecture and drawing have given (him) over the years'. We hope that you can do the same three decades on and invite you architects and students of architecture to pick up their pencils and sketch pads and sketch 'buildings in Yorkshire'.  

An Award has been set up in his name to celebrate and encourage the art of freehand sketching. In 2012, its inaugural year, we received 80 entries.  

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