Keep out of Trouble - A masterclass in risk management

15 November 2012

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM


The Orangery, Wakefield


In the current economic climate more than ever, we need to avoid things going wrong. This one-day event will highlight some common pitfalls in architectural practice, and provide knowledge and insight for reducing risks and increasing the resilience of your business.

Fees – be an effective negotiator

Sustaining your practice relies on demonstrating how your service provides added value to your clients. This session will explore how taking a resource-based approach to fee calculation, refining your negotiating techniques, and adopting robust fee management processes can pay high dividends. Learn how RIBA Business Benchmarking can enable you to understand your market and compare your practice with the rest of the architecture sector.

Appointment agreements – protect your cashflow

It is easy to pay insufficient attention to appointment agreements in the rush to get projects started and to keep clients happy, but this puts the health of the practice at risk. Get to grips with the key elements of appointment agreements, including the need to carefully define your scope of service, put appropriate limits on your liability, and include provisions for protecting cashflow in the event of non-payment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – get your insurers full support

It can be tempting to accept terms and conditions that are not fully reflective of the services that you have in mind, or have the breadth of resources to undertake. Understand the common problems encountered day-to-day and be aware of the key areas that can make the difference between facing a problematic claim and having the full support of your insurers.

Copyright – protect your designs

Understand the intellectual property right issues associated with using other architects drawings and what to do if you inherit a project. Be familiar with your rights when a client decides to stop your services before the end of the construction project.


Adrian Dobson, RIBA Director of Practice

Andrew Palmer, Heath Lambert Limited: RIBA Insurance Agency

Guy Lane, Berrymans Lace Mawer


Before 18 October
RIBA Members: £75 + VAT
Non-Members: £105 + VAT
After 18 October
RIBA Members: £90 + VAT
Non-Members: £125 + VAT
RIBA CPD Club members receive 20% off the relevant rate.
Student rates are available


Ruth Donnelly
0113 389 9870


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