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Consultation: the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation

The RIBA has responded to the Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) consultation on the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation.

The Green Deal is a flagship energy efficiency policy, and it is hoped that the scheme will unlock the private investment needed to help retrofit Britain's homes and commercial buildings.

RIBA view

The RIBA wholeheartedly supports the aims of the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO). We believe that it has a crucial role to play in lowering our existing building stock's carbon emissions, lifting more families out of fuel poverty, improving the design of our homes and workplaces and growing our green economy.

We believe that there is still some way to go to ensuring that the right detail sits behind the scheme for launch in the autumn.

The key points in our response are that:

  • The scheme must deliver an integrated approach to the installation of energy efficiency measures, which will require Green Deal project managers.
  • Vulnerable historic and traditional older buildings should be identified and given skilled specialist attention to find the most appropriate solutions.
  • Consumer protection is vital to ensure consumer confidence in the scheme. We believe that consumer-facing guidance is needed to deal with issues around the consents that must be obtained - such as planning permission - before measures can be installed. The impartiality of advice given to consumers must not be at risk.
  • We believe Green Deal funding must be delivered in ways that maximise initial take-up and that create solutions to incentivise long-term take-up.
  • The Green Deal needs performance targets and performance monitoring - particularly around carbon emissions - to ensure that it delivers.
  • The design of Energy Company Obligation needs to be reconsidered to ensure that it delivers the right measures to the right people, in particular the social housing sector.

Further information

Additional documents referred to in our consultation response: