Intention of design strategy pages

The following Design Strategy pages give the reader the broad design guidance to embed sustainable strategies at the early, conceptual stages of design. The pages aim to highlight all the creative design potential if the strategies are integrated at an early stage, not tacked on at the end. They are categorised into: Earth, Air, WaterFire and Life. Each design strategy page will give short, clear answers to the following questions:


  • What is the strategy?
  • Why use the strategy?
  • When to use the strategy?
  • How to use the strategy?
  • Plus further resources: documents, tools and links.

Each strategy is well linked to related pages on the site, allowing you to navigate easily between related and conflicting strategies, as well as the case studies.

By building a web resource we are able to keep the information up to date and include any new strategies. Discussion is encouraged via the blog: your feedback and comments are important to help steer the material published. If you think you are able to improve upon or add to the content, please get in touch.


  • Earth covers Materials, Construction and Landscape and Site.
  • Air covers Cooling and Air.
  • Water covers Water Management and Flood Risk.
  • Fire covers Light, Heat and Energy.
  • Life covers Plants, Animals and Humans.