175th Anniversary

175th Anniversary

2009 marked the 175th anniversary of the founding of the RIBA. To celebrate this milestone the Institute ran a programme of special events throughout the year that showed the breadth of our activities throughout the world of architecture, engaged an even wider public and celebrated the benefits to society of good design.

175th Anniversary gallery

As part of the RIBA's 175th birthday celebrations, photographer Ed Clark was commissioned to take a series of images that placed ordinary people - at work, rest and recreation - 'centre-stage' among RIBA award-winning projects. This photographic record will be added to the archives of the RIBA British Architectural Library.  

About the logo

RIBA 175 Anniversary

The buildings were chosen to create a celebratory 'splash' depicting well-known and well-loved architecture from around the world. From
traditional places of worship to the most modern place of work, people can use our selection as a starting point to construct a mental version of their own celebratory 'splash'.

For a more detailed description of the buildings, please download the pdf below.

Stirling of Stirlings online poll

To celebrate the anniversary, RIBA Journal highlighted the best buildings of the past and pitting them against each other in a one-off architectural super-award.

For more information visit the RIBA Journal website.

Online exhibitions

Royal Gold Medal 

Royal Gold Medal obverse and reverse

Established in 1848, the Royal Gold Medal is still awarded and celebrated today. This online exhibition takes you through the past 175 years of history, winners and more.

Go to the Royal Gold Medal exhibition site.

Palladio and Britain

Palladio and Britain

Celebrate the 500th birthday of Andrea Palladio with a major new online resource brought to you by the RIBA British Architectural Library.
Find out more.

 Superbrand 2010

The RIBA – a Business Superbrand, offering quality, reliability and distinction in its field. 
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