Construction for Seduction


Couple in loveAhhhh ... what a soppy (and saucy!) lot you are. Here are some of the most romantic responses we have received so far ...

Blackpool Tower

'Well, the plain fact is that I DID woo my wife-to-be at Blackpool Tower back in 1979. We wrote our names in the sand and then went up the tower to see them from above. Love from above. This year is our thirtieth anniversary.'

British Museum

'The feeling of awe that descends upon you when you enter is magical - the rich mixture of artefacts and their timeless stories mixed with the modern glass entrance hall roof sends a tingle down my spine every time!'

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

'LOVE actually rises from the water - a sculpture by Robert Indiana.'

Eden Project, Cornwall

'The hot climates and bacchanalian sculptures do get the blood flowing ...'

Edinburgh Castle

'Edinburgh speaks of Ye Olde Romance. Nothing more heart warming than getting a peek some Scottish crown jewels.'

London Eye

'When you walk into a capsule it's like walking in to your own private world, a world you can share with your loved one. It's so romantic to watch over London together.'

'Very intimate and at night it becomes magical with the lights, almost like riding Aladdins carpet.'

'The London Eye is the perfect location for any date because it has the most romantic views of the capital and having an enclosed capsule allows you to enjoy these views together, away from all the hustle and bustle. Especially if you go for the Cupids Capsule as we did last year!'

Millenium Bridge, Newcastle

'Each curve represents either man and woman, its a delicate balance and each side needs the other.'

'When the hooter sounds and the bridge comes to life, it is impossible not to stop and smile at the sheer audacity of the conceit and the beauty of the execution. This is modern life.'

'Sit on a bench near the brow of the bridge with your loved one and look south down the river to the Tyne and Swing Bridges; hear the hustle and bustle of the City and Quayside pubs and appreciate the moment.'

The Backs, Cambridge

'I always thought if I can live my life again I would like to study in Cambridge University and have my first love in this romantic city. The Backs seems like an ideal dream place to have my first kiss with my love.'

The Roman Baths, Somerset

'It's hot architecture, quite literally with hot springs.'

'It's got the history, character and feel for love making...'

'The combination of ancient history, the natural wonder of the thermal springs, the seductive connotations of bathing (with thoughts of past amorous assignations), and the beauty of the architectural setting (particularly when torch-lit at night) creates a potent and romantic environment.'

'My husband proposed to me at the Baths during a weekend visit when we lived in London. That was our first trip to Bath and a few years later we moved to the City and have been here for nine years - all because I said YES!'

Warwick Castle

'Romance mediaeval style - what more could you want?! You can even hire your own suit of armour to wear when you propose!'

'I proposed to my girlfriend here, it's such a lovely place!! Most romantic day i've ever had and the perfect setting.'


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