Planning and localism

Getting the National Framework right


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For localism to work, it is essential that the national policy framework is right. We have been working closely with the Coalition Government since the General Election and will continue to make a robust case for the importance of good design and ensure we have an influence over emerging policy and legislation.

What will happen next?
The Localism Bill is currently making its way through parliament and is being examined by peers in the House of Lords. It is expected that the Bill could take as long as nine months to receive Royal Assent and will not come into force until 2012.


Alongside the Localism Bill and as part of its planning reform agenda, the Government intends to introduce a new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which will be designed to streamline existing planning guidance and set out more clearly, the Government's national planning priorities and objectives. The Government expected to publish it's draft NPPF in July 2011 and the RIBA is currently working with the Department of Communities and local government to draft specific design-focused elements of the NPPF. 


What will the RIBA be doing?
Working with parliamentarians and other stakeholder bodies in order to influence the Localism Bill.

  • Developing with Government, provisions on design within the National Planning Policy Framework. Aim to ensure that Design Review holds greater weight within the planning system.
  • Work with Government to develop guidance on design, planning and the delivery of development by Government to Local Authorities and local neighbourhoods.
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