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Skills and education

Department of Education Consultation on Revised School Premises Regulations

January 2012

The RIBA has responded to the consultation paper from the Department of Education.

The RIBA agrees with the need to rationalise regulations and guidance, but does not agree with all of the changes proposed. The removal of standards for light, heat and ventilation are a particular concern in this regard.




Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) White Paper: Students at the Heart of the System
November 2011

The RIBA has responded to the White Paper from the BIS. This includes sections on:

  • Financing students
  • Improving the student experience
  • Increasing social mobility
  • A new, fit-for-purpose regulatory framework

Overall, the RIBA is concerned that decisions made by prospective higher education students on choice of course will focus on employment rates and graduate salaries, and that education may therefore become focused on investment in employability rather than developing critical thinking and fostering learning.



Department of Education capital review
September 2010

The RIBA responded to the review by stating that the government must ensure that future investment is made wisely. A school that is fit for purpose is a school that is delivered to fit the brief of the client. The response includes: 

  • what is meant by good design in educational buildings
  • the positive effect that better school buildings have on both pupils and staff
  • the underlying problems with the BSF schools procurement process
  • the principles that should underpin better procurement
  • RIBA-proposed alternative procurement models



Egan Review of Skills
April 2004

President George Ferguson has welcomed the main recommendation of Sir John Egan's review of the skills needed to deliver the government's Sustainable Communities Plan - a national centre for skills. The RIBA was also asked to submit private advice to the Egan Review as part of the initial consultation process. Both responses are available below.

Top-up Fees in Higher Education
January 2004

In response to proposed legislation in the Higher Education Bill permitting higher education institutions to charge variable fees, the RIBA issued a statement on the effect of top-up fees on architectural education. 

Higher Education Bill  

HEFCE Review of Teaching Funding 
November 2003

RIBA response to a review of the funding method for teaching in higher education, emphasising that the current funding status of architectural eduation does not reflect the actual costs of the subject. 

HEFCE consultation

HEFCE Review of Research Funding
November 2003

The RIBA responded to a HEFCE review of its method for allocating research funds, expressing concern that a number of proposed policies will negatively impact research departments in architectural education.

HEFCE consultation


Roberts Review of Research Assessment
September 2003

The RIBA responded to the final report by Sir Gareth Roberts on the future of research assessment in higher education, addressing issues specific to architectural education.

Roberts Review consultation


Higher Education White Paper
April 2003

RIBA response to the Department for Education and Skills White Paper on 'The Future of Higher Education'. Though supportive of a number of proposals within the White Paper, the RIBA is seriously concerned about the impact on research and student support in architectural education.


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