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Client Adviser Group

The purpose of the group is to advise the Professional Standards department and Practice & Profession Committee on matters related to the RIBA Client Adviser Register.


  • Advise on the relevant core skills and qualities required of a Client Adviser
  • Advise on any changes to the application/accreditation systems
  • Advise on improving promotion of the Register to clients and more widely

Members' names


Adam Williamson

Bobbie Williams

Chair: Tom Jacques (Jacques Partnership)


Richard Saxon (Consultancy for the Built Environment)
Paul Fletcher (Through Architecture)
George Stowell (GS-CA)
Peter Ullathorne (The Ullathorne Consultancy)
Paul Middleton, (Paul Middleton Chartered Architect)
John Penton (John Penton Chartered Architect)
Nigel Wright (Nigel Wright Chartered Architect
Wei Yang (Wei Yang and Partners)


Four meetings, quarterly per annum

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