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Conservation Group

The purpose of the group is to provide an expert knowledge resource to support Members and the RIBA's policies, actions and guidance on conservation issues.

Key activities and functions

  • Advise on the formulation, development and implementation of RIBA policy and strategy on conservation matters, and promoting a high public perception of the work of architects in heritage protection.
  • Advance conservation knowledge and skills in the architectural profession. 
  • Identify emerging conservation issues and highlight them to the RIBA.
  • Develop and promote good technical knowledge and practice, and design quality in the heritage environment.
  • Promote collaboration between related conservation bodies including professional institutes and government agencies.
  • Collaborate with other RIBA groups to promote 'joined-up' thinking and consistency of Institute conservation policies.
  • Develop links with appropriate groups in the RIBA Nations and Regions.
  • Maintain a sufficiently large and representative membership to respond promptly to government and allied conservation, planning and environmental groups requests for consultation.

Chair: Hugh Feilden

Members: Eleni Makri, Sir Sydney Chapman, Jonathan Carey, Jane Jones-Warner, Marcus Chantry, Alan Chandler, Richard Spencer Dean, Keith Knight, Nigel Sunter, David Hills, Michael Carden, Janie Price, Simon Ablett, Robert Franklin

Staff contact: Sophie Bailey

Maintaining standards in the built heritage sector                              

The Conservation Group supports the memorandum of understanding on maintaining standards in the built heritage sector in England developed by Construction Skills, English Heritage and the National Heritage Training Group in March 2009. 

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