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Construction Leadership Group

The purpose of this group is to collaborate with industry partners to advise on the development and implementation of RIBA policy and strategy including a response to the Government Industrial Strategy for Construction (Construction 2025, July 2013) and Industrial Strategy for Professional and Business Services (Growth is Our Business, July 2013)


What we are doing:


  • Developing a co-ordinated RIBA response to the recommendations in Construction 2025.
  • Improving collaboration between the RIBA with other professional institutes, the CIC and other industry groups.
  • Helping RIBA practices to understand the implications of the government’s strategies and to adapt their approach and operations.
  • Reviewing the outcomes from the government’s pilot projects and the procurement approaches taken.

Members' names

Chair: Phil Holden


Mark Bryden
Grant Brooker
Chris Littlemore
Hilary Satchwell
Russell Curtis
Nick Willars


Three meetings, quarterly, per annum

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