Professional Communities

Linked Societies

Linked societies are independent, self-governing associations with close collaborative links to the RIBA. Their membership is made up, in the main, of RIBA members, and they exist to enable members to pursue special interests such as health buildings or product design. 

Architects for Health (AfH) brings together individuals and organisations who share an interest in excellence in healthcare facility design. Membership of AfH is open to healthcare facility designers, planners, clinicians and those who share our aims.

Design for Homes (DfH) promotes the value of good design in residential development, working with developers, home owners and architects to radically improve the quality, value and desirability of new homes in the 21st century.

Product Innovation in Architecture (PIA) aims to encourage and facilitate innovative product development in architecture by looking at ways in which the skills of the architect can be applied to the design of products and components. 

The Solo Practitioners Group consists of chartered architects in the North West who are all RIBA members and are in sole charge of their individual practices.

Traditional Architecture Group (TAG) seeks to work within architectural, planning and educational disciplines to promote the value of a traditional approach in architecture and design. The group provides mutual support, a meeting point and a venue for the exchange of ideas for those individuals interested in or practising contemporary traditional architecture.

Contact: Alex Tait

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