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RIBA Housing Group

Housing at the RIBA

The RIBA has a dedicated advisory committee, the RIBA Housing Group, which provides an expert knowledge resource to assist in the formulation of, and support for, the RIBA's policies, actions and guidance on housing issues. This group is made up of a range of architects with experience covering a range of different types of housing. 

The group's key activities include:

  • advising on the formulation, development and implementation of RIBA policy and strategy on housing
  • advancing housing knowledge and skills in the architectural profession
  • identifying and highlighting emerging housing issues
  • developing and promoting good practice and design quality in housing
  • influencing the government's views on improving housing, with particular reference to the importance of good design
  • promoting collaboration between different housing bodies including clients and government agencies.

Chair: Andy Von Bradsky

Members: David Levitt, Ric Blenkharn, Alex Ely, Cody Gaynor, Lesley Gibbs, Richard Lavington, Stephen Proctor, Jonathan Rickard, Roger Stephenson, Anne Thorne, Luke Tozer, Simon Bayliss, Silvia Ullmayer

Contact: Sophie Bailey

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