RIBA Client Advisers

How much might this service cost?

The cost of employing an RIBA Client Adviser will vary depending on the type, size and duration of the project. The RIBA is unable to provide definitive cost guidelines as the RIBA Client Adviser input will vary widely from project to project and therefore there are no standard fees or rates for their work.

RIBA Client Advisers will agree terms and appointments on an individual basis, and whilst the cost of employing one will vary, the net result should far exceed the consultants cost in terms of quality, value and sustainability.

'I have benefited enormously from my RIBA Client Adviser and can't recommend her highly enough! With no experience or understanding of capital projects or the construction sector, in hindsight it would have been even more beneficial if I had appointed her at a much earlier stage of my project.'

Health & Social Care client

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