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Islington Square, ManchesterDesigned by FAT Ltd (Fashion Architecture Taste), Islington Square is the third of the government's Millennium Communities on the fringe of Manchester City Centre and has been awarded an EcoHomes Excellent Rating.

New Islington, the third of the government's Millennium Communities is an ambitious and progressive regeneration project on the fringe of Manchester City Centre. The first project to actually be built there was Islington Square, an affordable housing scheme by Fashion Architecture Taste (FAT) Ltd. 

This successful collaboration with FAT has resulted in fascinating designs, with interiors that reflect the lifestyles of residents. The houses feature homework spaces for children, terraces, and open-plan kitchen/dining spaces. Residents can even choose to personalise their new homes with decorative balconies, bird boxes, hanging baskets and the use of different colours.

The residents moved into their new homes from March 2006 and the project has generated a huge amount of interest from the media and critical acclaim. The scheme has an EcoHomes Excellent Rating.

Tom Bloxham, Group Chairman and Co-Founder, Urban Splash said: 'Urban Splash has used the RIBA Competitions Office on a number of occasions and have been happy with the results and will continue to use them. 

Despite having considerable knowledge about running competitions and procurement generally within Urban Splash we have found using an external agency like the RIBA gives the competition process an outside objectivity, an independent and experienced chair, helps create publicity for the competition and undertakes a lot of the donkey work, albeit at a modest cost.'

Nick Johnson, Deputy Chief Executive, Urban Splash, said: 'Architectural competitions are the breeding ground for new ideas and new talent, they smash preconceptions, break down barriers and produce award winning designs. At Urban Splash we have produced some of our best buildings through competitions, partnering with RIBA is an integral part of that success. We've run over 10 competitions with RIBA Competitions who, allow us to concentrate on selecting a winner whilst they deal with all the organisation and administration making the decision to go down the competition route that much more easy for us to make.'  

Visit our YouTube channel to hear more about RIBA Competitions' involvement in the process. 

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