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Halley VI Research Station, AntarcticDesigned by Hugh Broughton Architects with Faber Maunsell, the Halley VI Research Station allows long-running research on global change to continue at the site where the ozone hole was discovered.

The international competition to design a new scientific research station in one of the Earth's most extreme environments, Antarctica, was launched in 2004.

The new complex, replacing the previous Halley V Research Station, is on a floating ice shelf 900 miles from the South Pole.  The new station allows long-running research on global change to continue at the site where the ozone hole was discovered. 

The winning scheme was designed by Hugh Broughton Architects, working with Faber Maunsell. It comprises six interconnected modules and is built on a series of mechanical legs on skis that will enable it to be relocated as and when necessary. It will home 16 people in the winter and 52 during the Antarctic summer.

Halley VI was officially completed and launched on the 5 February 2013 by the UK Minister for Science David Willetts who described the project as a 'triumph of British design'.  The station will feature as the Government's GREAT campaign as a showcase of great british innovation.

Karl Tuplin, Halley VI Project Manager, British Antarctic Survey, said:
'In 2004 the British Antarctic Survey launched a very unusual and unique construction project - the design and build of an Antarctic Research station fit for the 21st century. We needed creative, free-thinking, multi-discipline design teams to work closely with ourselves and a contractor outside of the normal construction procurement boundaries. 

We decided that a competition would be the best way to attract the widest possible interest and achieve our aims. Who better than the internationally reknowned RIBA Competitions Office to manage the process for us? 

The multi-stage competition was an overwhelming success and exceeded all of our expectations. The Competitions Office proved to be flexible, independent and professional, successfully managed the process from start to finish and I would recommend the RIBA to any client.'


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