Pennington Road Footbridge

Pennington Road FootbridgeDesigned by Softroom the new Pennington Road Footbridge spans the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Bootle, Mersyside.

The new Pennington Road Footbridge over the Leeds and Liverpool canal is situated in an area of Bootle, Merseyside that was heavily industrialised before it fell into decline.

It is the fourth version of a bridge at this point since the early 1900s. Regeneration leaders wanted a more attractive crossing that would also be fully accessible.

The new bridge, which is 19.4m long, will connect existing housing with three new residential developments on the site of the old factories and improve access for residents to the nearby town centre. Softroom's bridge is made from durable Ekki hardwood, chosen because of its sustainable qualities. This has been made into glulam beams, which are efficient to produce.

The bridge has a striking ramped and stepped approach. It forms an important physical and symbolic link, forging a strong sense of community.


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