The Listening Project

BBC Radio 4 - Designing the Listening Project's Pod


The Listening Project is a BBC Radio 4 initiative launched last year in partnership with BBC Local
Radio and the Nations, in which people across
the UK record a conversation with someone close
to them about a subject they’ve never discussed intimately before. The conversations are being
archived by the British Library and used to build
up a collection of voices capturing a unique
portrait of the UK today.

Two railway managers talking candidly about
dealing with a fatality on the network, 81-year-old
Susan and 75-year-old June discussing if it’s ever too late for love and marriage, and 11-year-old Maria and her mother remembering their years of surviving domestic abuse are just a few of the touching stories already recounted.

Now, the Listening Project wants to gather even more voices across the nation. The RIBA have been approached to help create a special Listening Pod to travel around the UK so people can share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with a loved one, and all of us.

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