Practical matters

Conduct and discipline

If you believe that an RIBA Member has breached the principles of the RIBA Code of Conduct and want to make a formal complaint about it, you must set this out in writing on a complaints form. You must explain how you believe the member has breached the Code, and enclose evidence that supports your allegations.

A complaints form can be obtained from the Professional Conduct Office:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7307 3649

Full details of the RIBA disciplinary procedures can be found below:

RIBA Professional Conduct Panel

The RIBA Professional Conduct Panel is made up of people approved by the RIBA Professional Services Board. The panel consists of:

  • Mr Mark Pontin BSc(Hons), Dip Arb, FRICS, FCI Arb
  • Mr Eric J Mouzer FRICS, FCIArb
  • Mr J Miller
  • Mr John Rushton BA (Cantab), FCIArb, FCInstCES (Hon), Legal Consultant
  • Mr Martino Giaquinto, B.Sc (Hons), ACIArb, Barrister, Solicitor-Advocate and Partner
  • Mr David C Brown BA (Hons), Solicitor
  • Mr Julian Holloway, Solicitor
  • Mr John Price FRICS, FCIArb, FCInstCES, CEDR Direct Mediator, RICS Adjudicator 
  • Mr Paul S Greenwood BSc DipArb FRICS MCIAT FAE
  • Mr Murray Armes BA DipArch MA MSc RIBA FCIArb MAE
  • Mr Michael D J Wilkey Dip Arch, RIBA, FCIArb
  • Mr Chris Brophy BA, Dip Arch, MSc (Const Law), RIBA, MCIArb, AAE
  • Mr Christopher Miers, BA, DipArch, MSc(Constr.Law), RIBA, FCIArb, MAE
  • Mr Anthony G Lloyd Dipl. Arch, RIBA, AMAPM, Chartered Architect
  • Ms Tzena James, Dip Arch (Hons), Chartered Architect RIBA, Dip Proj Man (RICS)
  • Mr Christopher Smart DipArch MSc(Construction Law) RIBA FCIArb
  • Mr Stuart Hendry, Dip Arch [Birm], RIBA Chartered Architect
  • Mr S Webb, RIBA Chartered Architect
  • Mr Greg Brunt MPhil, Dip Arch, RIBA
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