Royal Gold Medal Student Critique 2012


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The 2012 Royal Gold Medal Student Critique features presentations by the 2011 RIBA President's Medallists followed by a critique by a panel of experts. Chaired by Angela Brady, RIBA President.

The event will include Herman Hertzberger, 2012 RIBA Royal Gold Medallist as the guest of honour. He will be invited to comment on the presentations and projects.



11:00 Welcome & introduction by Angela Brady, RIBA President
11:05 Presentation by Hannah Robertson (2011 Dissertation Medallist)
11:20 Questions
11:30 Presentation by Basmah Kaki (2011 Bronze Medallist)
11:45 Questions
11.55 Presentation by Kibwe Tavares (2011 Silver Medallist)
12:10 Questions
12:20 Q&A Session
12:30 End



The event is by invitation only.



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Social Space:  Herman Hertzberger's Royal Gold Medal Lecture on 8 February 2012 at the RIBA

Royal Gold Medal & Fellowships Dinner on 9 February 2012 at the RIBA




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