Session 2 - 6 May 2014


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We are running a programme of training seminars to ensure that the senior architects of the future understand the challenges ahead and have the leadership and management skills to succeed in an increasingly complex profession and construction industry. 

This year’s programme of three themed half-day afternoon seminars held at the RIBA in London will focus on the skills needed to manage processes, resources, and relationships effectively in this demanding context.  Expert speakers, drawn from across and outside the construction industry, will offer thought-provoking content designed to challenge, inspire and inform.

The seminar programme will culminate in a Leadership Summit on 21 October at St Catherine’s College Oxford chaired by RIBA President Stephen Hodder. The keynote speech from Peter Hansford, Government Chief Construction Adviser, will focus on the role of British architects in a successful future construction industry.

Resources, 6 May

  • Managing fees and time
  • Understanding value and delivering it
  • Energy literacy

More details on this session will be available in due course.


£49 (inc VAT) per session, £129 (inc VAT) for three London sessions, £159 for all four sessions inc Leadership Summit


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Tara DeFabrizio
020 7307 5359

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Future Leaders - Session 3 - 8 July 2014
Leadership Summit - 21 October 2014





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