Parallels - Lithuanian Architecture: Three Eras, Three Faces


10am - 5pm

*Please note that the exhibition will be closed on the morning of Thursday 10 October.  It will re-open from 1pm.

Presenting a survey of the evolution of Lithuanian architecture over the last century, this exhibition examines the impact that dramatically diverse social, political and economic contexts have had on the design of the urban environment within the largest of the Baltic states.

Currently holding the presidency of the European Union, Lithuania has undergone severe change in recent history. Its three significant periods – independent republic (1918 - 1940), soviet era (1940 – 1990) and state independence (1990 - ) - will be explored through an examination of key buildings and architectural styles, and the exhibition makes a case for the development of unique forms of architecture emerging within these distinct time frames.

The display will showcase a wide range of buildings and structures, organised into categories such as 'Living', 'Governing and Administration', 'Education' and 'Meeting'. Each section will highlight buildings that represent each of the historical periods being examined.

Visitors will be presented with a compelling selection of images, and are invited to explore both the similarities and differences relating to the aesthetics, ideas and symbols encoded in Lithuanian architecture over these critical historical periods.


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Vilnius' Sports and Concerts Palace, 1971

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