Design for a capital

Design for a capital
John Buonarotti Papworth; 1829
RIBA Library Drawings Collection

The V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery features highlights from the world-class collections of drawings, models, photographs and architectural fragments of the V&A and the RIBA. The V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery is located at the Victoria and Albert Museum|.
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Explore the architecture that shapes our world through the gallery’s five themes: 
The Art of Architecture| 
The Function of Buildings| 
Architects and Architecture| 
Buildings in Context|
In addition Architecture Now – located at the entrance to the V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery – examines contemporary architecture through a series of temporary exhibitions.
Find out about the history of buildings, the beliefs that inspired them and the evolution of style.

Learn about materials used in construction, the impact of climate on design, the demands of a building’s function and the growth of towns and cities.
The V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery offers you the opportunity to examine around 160 architectural models, drawings, designs, material samples and building fragments.
It also offers audio commentaries, interactive style guides, videos and touch objects.
Find out more about the V&A and RIBA Architecture Gallery through the extracts online.
Discover the architecture that shapes our world.
‘Exploring Architecture’
‘Exploring Architecture: Buildings, Meaning and Making’ covers ancient and modern architecture from across the world. Lavishly illustrated, it draws from the archives of the V&A and RIBA and shows how architecture has evolved, and how it shapes our lives. Available from RIBA bookshops|.
For public enquiries at the V&A, telephone +44 (0) 207 942 2000.
For press enquiries contact the RIBA Press Office, telephone +44 (0) 207 307 3761, pressoffice@inst.riba.org| 

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