Great Expectations: A Journey Through the History of Visionary Architecture


On loop from 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Director: Jesper Wachtmeister 
Great Expectations presents an astonishing global journey charting visionary, utopian and often bizarre architectural projects both realised and unrealised.

It looks a set of visions where imagination has been allowed to run free, and tells the story of great thinkers who in different time-periods of the 20th century have suggested revolutionary changes to our ways of living – and how it is to live in their dreams. The answers vary, but the intentions of the architects were good…mostly.

Through a combination of archive footage, animations and interviews, the film brings architecture of the past and plans never realized to life, revealing the ambitions of the architects behind them. (Running time: 52mins).

Courtesy of Solaris Filmproduktion

Shown as part of Spring Last Tuesday


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Continuous Monument by Superstudio.

Image supplied courtesy of Solaris Filmproduktion.