Administration of Defects under JCT 2011 contracts


October 23 2014 • 1.30pm
to 4.30pm


Sian Edgerton 0151 707 4382



Under the standard forms of building contract the ‘contract administrator’ has responsibility to see that the employer receives the works in accordance with the contract documents. This includes ensuring that patent defects or noncompliant works are corrected or if not corrected then the relevant provisions in the contract are followed. The approach for dealing with defects or noncompliant works, whether before or after ‘completion’, differs between the JCT contracts. 

The intention is to look at the provisions in SBC 2011 and MW 2011 given there are key differences in the powers given to the ‘contract administrator’ in each of these contracts. 

The aim of the seminar is to address how ‘contract administrators’ should manage the rectification of defects or noncompliant works under these contracts both prior to and after practical completion. 

This will include looking at the frequency of site inspections, the nature of the inspections and what steps can be taken on the discovery of defective or non-compliant works. 

Speaker:  Michael Dunn BSc LLB LLM FRICS FCIArb