RIBA public programme

Talks and events

At 66 Portland Place


  • Dream Builders: Thomas Heatherwick        Tuesday 15 April, 7pm - 8.30pm                    
    Thomas Heatherwick is a designer with an international reputation for experimentation and surprise. In partnership with the BBC, the RIBA brings you an opportunity to direct questions to the youngest practitioner to be appointed a Royal Designer for Industry.




  • Airports - Our past, present and urban future? Tuesday 29 April, 6.30pm – 8pm                    
    Airports in the 21st century are the most important building type in the world. Capable of surplanting entire cities in their importance, they are at the heart of the global economy and the movement of people and services. Panel discussion charting what makes or breaks a great airport and what will shape them in the next 60 years? 



  • Triumphs, Carbuncles and Hopeful Monsters  –  The British vs Modern Architecture             Tuesday 13 May, 6.30pm - 8pm                               
    30 year ago HRH Prince Charles made a speech that is often credited with transforming attitudes to modern architecture. It triggered a national debate, still raging in places today about what modern British buildings ought to look like, but how much did it really change what got built? RIBA charts a British love/hate relationship with modern architecture.




  • Dream Builders: David Adjaye                    Tuesday 20 May, 7pm - 8.30pm From his pioneering David Adjaye is an architect with an ‘artist’s sensibility’. His internationally renowned buildings are defined by his bold use of innovative materials and colour reflecting a strong interest in landscape and terrain. In partnership with the BBC, the RIBA brings you an opportunity to direct questions to David Adjaye as he is interviewed about his approach to building projects and experiences that have defined him.



  • Dream Builders: Moshe Safdie                   Thursday 5 June, 7pm - 8.30pm
    An architect, urban planner, theorist and author, Moshe Safdie's buildings the world over are committed to responding to ‘human needs and aspirations.’ In partnership with the BBC, the RIBA brings you an opportunity to direct questions to Moshe Safdie as he is interviewed about the power of architecture, a humane approach to urbanism and the projects that have defined a global career.



  • Dream Builders: Francine Houben             Tuesday 17 June, 7pm - 8.30pm                                               One of the Netherlands’ leading architects who, with her practice Mecanoo Architecten, has sought to create buildings that ‘touch all the senses.’ Her architecture encompasses ‘emotional, social, playful and humane aspects’ as well as intellectual, conceptual and visual ones.















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