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Workshops for Children, Young People & Families


Design Quest Workshops for 7 to 11 year olds 

  • Design Quest: Build the Future
    Thursday 17 April, 10.30am - 4pm
    What will the world look like in 50 years? 100? 1000? See how the Brits have designed buildings for the future and create your own space-age structure.

  • Design Quest: Mega-structures
    Tuesday 22 April, 10.30am - 4pm
    Looking back in time to see how ancient buildings continue to inspire architects today, you will design your own mega-structure to reflect your favourite historic site.


 Design Day Workshops for 11 to 15 year olds

  • Design Day: Where in the World?                  
    Monday 14th April, 11am - 4pm                      
    Investigate iconic buildings around the world and experiment with drawing techniques to create your own designs for an architectural map of the future. 
  • Design Day: Make it PoMo                            
    Tuesday 15th April, 11am - 4pm                               Develop your sketching skills by playing with perspective, form, scale and shading to create your own post- modern vision.
  • Design Day: Eco- architecture
    Thursday 17th April, 11am - 4pm
    Discuss the future of architecture and draw inspiration from the Brits to create your own futuristic eco-vision.


 Skill Up Workshops for 15 to 18 year olds 

  • Skill-Up: Sketchy Structures                        
    Monday 14th April, 11am - 4pm                              
    See why British architecture inspired by machines has turned heads around the world.
  • Skill-Up: Space Age Architecture   
    Tuesday 15th April, 11am - 4pm     
    Be inspired by the daring designs of th Brits and re-imaginethe architecture of your own community in the space age.
  • Skill-Up: Living PoMo Style
    Wednesday 16th April, 11am - 4pm
    Focusing on scale, proportion, perspective  and shading you will create your own post- modern home.
  • Skill-Up: Cities of Yesterday and Tomorrow            Tuesday 22nd April, 11am - 4pm                                   Explore how Brits have shape architecture around the world from 1750 to troday. Examine original drawings and models by some of the greatest architects the world has ever seen.
  • Skill-Up: Design Studio
    Wednesday 23rd April, 11am - 4pm
    Learn more about how to become an architect, how architects work and what goes into making good architecture. Get a taste of what it might be like to satudy architecture.
  • Skill-Up: Modelling Forms
    Thursday 24th April, 11am - 4pm
    Learn how to make effective models and to achieve striking visual effects using different materials.

Family Fun Workshops 

  • Family Fun: Transporting Ideas                       Friday 25th April, 11am - 4pm                                
    Join us on a fantastic journey via the spectacular transportation hubs British architects have built around the world. 














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Workshops for Adults 

Explore & Draw

  • Explore & Draw: Hi- tech Structures
    Saturday 12th April, 1-5pm
    Discover how high-tech came to dominate global architecture at the turn of the 20th century before drawing on-site at St Mary's Axe.
  • Explore & Draw: Concrete Modernism    
    Saturday 10th May, 1-5pm  
    Learn how architecture in the inter-war years promised a better future for Britons before drawing on-site at the National Theatre.
  • Explore & Draw: City in a Building   
    Saturday 14th June 1-5pm  
    Understand how the Brits influenced urban design before drawing on-site at the Barbican.

Point & Shoot

  • Point & Shoot: Geometry & Height  
    Saturday 3rd May, 1-5pm   
    See how a generation of British architects drew the camera lens upward before exploring the geometric shapes and towers surrounding Tower 42 through the photographic lens.
  • Point & Shoot: Asymmetrical Aliens
    Saturday 7th June, 1-5pm
    Understand how architectural photographers have captured the aysmmetrical shapes and the clash of the old and new in British architectural design before exploring the architecture around One New Change through the photogrphic lens.

Run, Jump, Shoot

  • Run, Jump, Shoot: the Brits   
    Saturday 17th May, 1pm-5pm  
    Run, Jump, Shoot returns to its roots for the Brits season for this unquie workshop exploring architecture through photography and the urban sport parkour. Participants will shoot on location with professional parkour athletes.









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