CDM Regulations: tools and expert advice for architects and designers - London (Clerkenwell)


September 18 2014 • 10.00am
to 12.30pm


Emma Livingston-Jones / Georgie Brown 020 7307 5352


Scandinavian Business Seating, 63 Central Street, London EC1V 3AF, London


Adults: £102 (£85 + VAT)
Concessions: £18 (£15 + VAT)
Members: £70.80 (£59 + VAT)


Adults: £102 (£85 + VAT)
Concessions: £18 (£15 + VAT)
Members: £70.80 (£59 + VAT)

This seminar explores these dilemmas that have largely been created by our own industry, but also as a result of the legal profession’s requirement for paperwork to prevent civil or criminal prosecutions.

You will leave this seminar with added confidence and the tools to provide proportionate and practicable CDM information that is:

  • visually coordinated and easy to produce using project drawings that highlight only relevant hazards and significant risks to all participants in the process
  • useful for clients, project managers and cost consultants to make allowances in the cost plan and create a level playing field for tenderers
  • helpful for contractors at pricing stage to understand hidden, unusual and difficult to manage project-specific construction issues
  • valuable to site managers and operatives when planning and executing the actual work on site
  • suitable to demonstrate reduction of "significant risks" in designs "so far as reasonably practicable" (sfarp)
  • Appropriate to satisfy the HSE, lawyers and courts in the event of an accident.

The speaker will illustrate his presentation with a variety of examples covering small and large projects.


Paul Bussey RIBA, RMaPS, MIFireE, Associate Technical Consulting, Scott Brownrigg