RIBA Annual Discourse: Lord Foster

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010: Lord Foster

In the 2010 RIBA Annual Discourse, given on 12 October, Lord Foster reflects on the issue of ‘performance’ as demonstrated through the natural world and human technology, from birds to gliders, cars, and bicycles. He links these examples to building performance, showing how this is reflected in the work of the global practice that he chairs.

He discusses the wider issues of today including designing for a low carbon world, and concludes with his vision for cities and communities of the future and the concepts underlying the ambitious Masdar project. The lecture is chaired by Angela Brady, RIBA President-Elect.

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010 - introduction by Angela Brady.

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010 - part 1.

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010 - part 2.

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010 - part 3.

RIBA Annual Discourse 2010 - part 4.


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